MSC.Software 2005 Virtual Product Development Conference
Europe, Middle East, Africa

October 24 - 26, 2005
Hilton Munich Park, Munich, Germany

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Monday, October 24 , 2005

Management Keynotes
Bill Weyand, MSC.Software
Conference Opening & Corporate Review: VPD at the Inflection Point
Glenn Wienkoop, MSC.Software
Accelerating Products to Market with Enterprise VPD Solutions
Reza Sadeghi, MSC.Software
Karl Solchenbach, Intel
Integrated HPC Simulation Solutions for VPD
Rail & Mass Transportation
Ilse Vermeij, NedTrain Consulting
Virtual Switch Testing Facility for Lightrail Vehicles
Eng. Roman Sobolev, VKM
Designing Team of MC VKM Obtained Significant Time Reduction of the Work on Project Using MSC.MasterKey
Alexander Strauch, Bombardier Transportation Austria
Calculation of a Short Circuit Cage of an Asynchronous Motor
Eng. Massimo Lenti, GE Transportation Systems
Running Dynamics Effects on In-tie Point Machines in Mainline Railway Tracks
Automotive Components 1
Ing. Massimo Usan, ArvinMeritor
Automotive Component Development in an Integrated Concurrent Engineering Framework: Engine Maniverter Design Optimization
Dr.-Ing. Harald Wilhelm, Audi AG
Development of Vehicle Characteristics Using MSC.ADAMS Simulation Including Chassis Controllers
Joaquim Pujol, Zanini Auto Group S.A.
New Simulation Procedure for Fall/Drop Tests Applied to Wheel Covers
Dr. Ing. Daniele Speziani, Phitec Ingegneria srl
Fast and Efficient Canning and Denting Analysis for the Automotive Industry
AeroSpace Components 1
Ir. Henk Vasmel, Stork Fokker AESP
Stork Fokker AESP and the Airbus A380
Kiran Kumar G., Infosys Technologies Limited
FEA of Composite Sandwich Plates with Cut outs - A Comparative Study
Patrik Lenart, MTU Aero Engines Holding AG
Matching Thermal Analysis Results with Measurement Data using an Optimizer
Ing. Gian Paolo De Poli, AVIO Spa
Quality Assessment Analysis on Aero Engine Components using stochastic methodology
Automotive Handling & Performance
Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Gümbel, Porsche AG
Function and Styling - the Yin & Yang of Digital Product Engineering - Porsche Carrera GT
Eng. Christina Winge, FIAT Auto S.p.A.
Four-wheel Drive Vehicle Model in MSC.ADAMS to Study Typical Driveline Maneuvers
Dipl.-Ing. Markus Wick, FORD Werke GmbH
On the Influence of Body-Stiffness to Vehicle Dynamics
Joseph A. Schudt, General Motors NAPD
Supplementation of Measured Vehicle Road Loads to Study Vehicle Configuration Changes
Automotive Components 2
Ing. Elena Salino, Fiat Auto SpA
A Multi-disciplinary durability approach for Fatigue Life Prediction on Suspension Components
Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Phys. Daniel Heiserer, BMW AG
Linearized Multi-Body Templates For Steady State Finite Element Dynamics
Kazumi Baba, Sango Co. Ltd
Exhaust System Vibration Analysis Using MSC.Robust Design
Arschia Fatemi, RWTH Aachen University
Simulation of Axial Piston Pumps using MSC.ADAMS
AeroSpace Space, Defence & Helicopter Applications
Lev Shilov, Design Bureau of Transport Machinery
Russian Design Bureau of Transport Machinery Uses MSC.Nastran and MSC.Adams for the Development of Ground Support Equipment for Space Launch Complexes
MSc. Eyup Serdar Ozturk, ITU-ROTAM
Building and Testing Virtual Prototype Helicopter Control Mechanism in MSC.ADAMS Environment
Alexander Bobrov, FSUE NPO mashinostoeynia
Experience of practice application of MSC.Software products in project development
PhD Peter Chudý, Brno University of Technology
Computational Flight Mechanics of a Flying Laboratory

Tuesday, October 25 , 2005

Ir. Micha van Vliet, Fontijne Grotnes B.V
Virtual Prototyping of Metal Forming Machinery for Design Analysis and Sales Support
Kjell Andersson, KTH
Situated Modeling of a Wheel Loader Using Virtual Reality Technology
Eng. Marco Testa, SIPA S.p.A.
D.R.R.D. Cam Design and Optimization
Automotive Sports & Racing
Ing Luca Furbatto, McLaren Racing Ltd
Applications of Simulation Technology for Composite Materials at McLaren Racing
Per Blomberg, Polestar Volvo Original Racing
Improving Volvo S60 Super 2000 Suspension Geometry
Diego Minen, MSC.Software
FEM-CFD-Multi-body: Integrated Simulation for System Level Modeling
AeroSpace Components 2
José Marín, Gamesa Desarrollos Aeronáuticos
Post-buckling analysis based on MSC.Nastran on Aerospace Structural Elements
Ruben Tejerina, EADS-CASA
A380 Fan Cowl Composite panels Post Buckling Analysis: Comparison between analytical results using MSC.Nastran Sol 600 and Post-Buckling Test results
Jocelyn Burget, BAE SYSTEMS
On the Enhancement of Model Generation for the Analysis of a Wing Box Beam Test using the MSC.Patran Parametric Model Capability
Medical Devices & Biomechanics
PhD Svenn E. Borgersen, BIOSIMulations LLC
Virtual Product Development for Biomedical Device Design
Ajay Kumar, Pro-Dex
Dental Implant Mechanics
Automotive Engine & Powertrain
Valérie Mauduit, PSA Peugeot Citroën
PSA Timing Belt Projects using MSC.ADAMS/Engine
Dr. Christoph Steffens, FEV Motorentechnik
Virtual Product Development Techniques Applied to Powertrain Acoustics Optimization
Prof. Vaclav Pistek, Brno University of Technology
Structural Dynamics of in-line Six-cylinder Tractor Diesel Engine
Manufacturing & Process Simulation
Michael Wohlmuth, FEMUTEC Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH
Simulation of Microstructure and Phase Transformation in an MSC.Marc Environment - Some Industrial Applications
Dr Gennady Kulakov, Bochvar Institute
The Usage of MSC.Marc & Mentat for Modeling of Local Deforming Process (Pillowing) in Research Reactor Fuel Elements
Carsten Mense, Technical University Berlin
New Methods to Optimize the Dynamic Behavior of Machine Tools
Management Keynotes
Hans-Peter Scherm, SGI
The Enhanced VPD Workflow Solution
Dr. Johann Krammer, EADS
Simulation Processes for the Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Design of Aircraft
Dr. Stefan Gaßmann, Ford-Werke GmbH
CAE Enablers for the Next Generation of Virtual Product Creation
Management Keynotes
Michael Schlenkrich, MSC.Software
MSC.SimManager: Simulation Process & Data Management
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Anton Falkner, MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik
Multi Body Simulation in the MAGNA STEYR Development Process
John McVee, Qinetiq
A Review of the Technology Issues Confronting the Marine & Offshore Industry Sector

Wednesday, October 26 , 2005

Automotive NVH & Acoustics
Hirotaka Shiozaki, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
New Trim Parts Modeling for Mid-frequency Prediction
Ciro Gaudino, Rieter Automotive Management AG
Numerical/Experimental analysis of the dynamic behavior of insulation multylayers using poroelastic FE models
Thomas Leclercq, Free Field Technologies
Acoustics Solutions for Automotive Intake System Design
Automotive Impact & Crash 1
Robert L. Geisler, General Motors
Dynamic Front Wheel Curb Impact Study
Petr Pavlata, TÜV UVMV s.r.o.
Virtual Simulations of Bus Approval Tests According to European Standards
Ir. Freddy Huizinga, PDE Automotive B.V.
Ballistic Simulations on Civil Vehicles using MSC.Dytran
Dr. Hans Sippel, CAEvolution GmbH
Multi-Disciplinary & Multi-Objective Design Optimization of NVH and Car-Crash Behavior
Data & Process Management
Daniel Dooge, DaimlerChysler / Chrysler Group
Managing CAE Process Quality Improvements
Josef Reicheneder, AUDI AG
CAE Data Management at Audi Brand Group
Manfred Harms, Airbus
Engineering Data Management Framework in the Context of Virtual Aeronautical Collaborative Enterprise
Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Phys. Daniel Heiserer, BMW AG
CAE and DMU Integration Using CAE-Bench
Machinery 2
Holger Haut, RWTH Aachen University
HHT and 3D-Contacts - Offering New Application Areas e.g. Chains and Discrete Elements
Peter Erdmann, BOMAG GmbH
Numerical simulation of soil compaction problems with MSC.Marc
Management Keynotes
Leslie Rickey, MSC.Software
SimDesigner: CAD Embedded VPD Technology
Toshikazu Kishimoto, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
SHIFT_Vehicle Development - Power of VPD
Dipl.-Ing. Doris Mohr, Bombardier Transportation
Virtual Product Development and Validation on a Global Scale
Management Keynotes
Peter Robison, IBM
Global Alliances for Aerospace & Automotive Industries
Amir Mobayen, MSC.Software
Customer Focussed Strategies for Business & Product Development in 2005 & Beyond

Poster Presentations

Prof. Domenico Guida, University of Salerno
Light Truck Vibroacustic Analysis by Means MSC.ADAMS Multibody Mode
Jaroslav Maly, AV Engineering, a.s.
Design & Simulation of One Axle Trailer Loading by 6 or 7 Passenger Cars - Virtual Product Development
Ulrike Bossong, PROSTEP AG
The Virtual Application Protocol Approach: On the Application of Standard Data Models to Fit Specific Requirements
Vanderli Magalhaes de Assis, ELEB - EMBRAER LIEBHERR Equipamentos do Brasil SA
Experimental and FEM Simulation of a Fatigue Life in Hydraulics Components
Clemens-August Thole, Fraunhofer Institute
SIMDAT - Data Grids for Process and Product Development Using Numerical Simulation & Knowledge Discovery
Yann Bezin, Manchester Metropolitan University
Understanding the Wheel-Rail Interface using an Integrated Flexible Track Simulation Tool
Patrick Peronnet, United Devices
Streamlining the Computation Processes with Grid Technology
Dr. Stephan Vervoort, nCode GmbH
Fatigue of Engineering Polymers
Philip Van Riper, Eaton Corporation
Implementing User Subroutines in MSC.Marc to Perform Fatigue Evaluations

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